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“HATM” Ltd. (the former Armenian-American Housing Manufacturing entity) of “Hayastan” All-Armenian Foundation was established in 1991 by joint efforts of the Government of Republic of Armenia and Armenian Assembly of America. Gyumri, as a most damaged area in the 1988 Spitak earthquake, was chosen as a place for construction of the enterprise. The goal was a production of the high quality and earthquake resistant construction materials for the Earthquake Zone.

Block-produsing and woodworking shops were formed and were provided with American and European equipments.From the very day of the start the enterprise has provided the construction companies not only in Shirak Marz, but also in other regions of Armenia with high quality construction materials.

Since 1999 HATM” Ltd. has been managed and controlled by Armenian Foundation, which has expanded the area of its work. The enterprise has also inculcated ISO 9001:2000 international standard of the system of the quality management.

The block-making shop has been provided with the Model 1600 block-producing line of the famous American “Columbia” firm, which is completed with 10x20x40, 20x20x40,25x20x40, 30x20x40, 40x20x40 sm block producing molds, each of them having its own submolds for the making the construction process more flexible. “American Gobble” type, firm and wear-resistant paving stones have also been produced. Blocks and paving stones can be of different color solution and of desired firmness, are made by the method of vibropressing with the further moisture and temperature rate treatment, made by Johnson Cure-Pak SP-5000 type steam generator.

One shift producing capacity for 10x20x40 type blocks is 15000 pieces, for 20x20x40 type blocks -7000 pieces, for paving stones-500 m² :

Both blocks and paving stones are produced in accordance with the demands of American ASTM and working standards in Armenia. They have corresponding certificates.

The enterprise has a wood sawing shop and a wood dryer of production significance with 180 m3 total volume, perio-dically operating, with a system of auto-management.

The “Gang-nail” system of wooden trusses for roofs production is worth of special attention. It allows to produce trusses up to 4m high and 33 m bay. There is also a possibility of production of metal roof slates with the help of the “Ardcor” profile machine. For that purpose 71 sm wide, 06-1 mm thick and unlimited length tin plates are required.

One of the main directions of production of the enterprise is considered to be the production of school, office and kitchen furniture. Elite furniture for apartments also produced here.

A year producing capacity of the enterprise for the main types of production is:

The bloks-2,500,000 pieces
Doors and windows- 10,000 m2
Wooden trusses for roofs- 6,000 m2
Roofing slates- 12,000 m2
Furniture 20,000 unit

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